April 28, 2010

Blog Pictures from Prior Years; Helpful for Planning

August last, when the plants grew large and all my mistakes were obvious.

Too many purple Daturas, too much melampodium and no crisp edge in front of the Purple Heart.
Freezes in the winter took out the Daturas. Melampodium freely reseeds and can be pulled where it isn't wanted. Purple Heart has put out nicely again. Tonight I started it an edge of chartreuse alternanthera.

Alternanthera was tucked in behind the violas which will be
soon removed, just in front of the line of Purple Heart which was hardly
visible when this pic was made back in March.

A Mrs. Cox at Lake Seminole told me some years ago that if you had a good stand of Madagascar periwinkle to stir the soil the next year when it warms and you'd have a nice bed again. I stirred the soil today behind all the big stones everywhere there wasn't a poppy with pods or a larkspur standing.

Chartreuse alternanthera is visible along the edge of the far bed,
this also from last August. I have more pieces to root from two
good plants in pots that I held over the winter.

The other planting I did today was to prepare a line across behind the Esperanzas and Pride of Barbados for planting Castor Beans, the dark kind that do not grow very tall.

Pride of Barbados and Castor Beans from 2007. I'm so glad to see
P of B foliage emerging.

He-who-mows mowed today. "When all the weeds are the same height, it looks like a park," he said.
The upper garden has unmown islands of maturing daffodil foliage.

I didn't make a separate post today for Native Plant Day.
This is one of my favorites, Calycanthus floridus.
Common sweetshrub, uncommonly fragrant.

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