April 12, 2010

Blue Eyed Grass and other Small Joys

Native Sisyrinchium.
I first found this plant at the edge of the pasture, years ago.
 I use it as a little edging.
The other day I dug and divided one clump to edge orange roses.

The last Daffodil, really. Very fragrant.

A seedling Gerbera Daisy. Old-fashioned type.

Poppies, large and small according to when I scattered more seed.
Larkspur is late this year. At the base of the poppies, is this:

A seedling viola from last year's purples, shaded by poppies.

This time of year there are small joys to be found all through the garden.
Keep your eyes open. I'm hoping for a strawberry out of the groundcover soon.


Christine B. said...

Small joys indeed: the wind is blowing, the snow is melting, and there is exactly one plant blooming in the garden. But that one blossom is a joy to behold, truly. Your garden is getting on...the purple pansies are very cheerful.

Christine in Alaska

janie said...

My roses are fantastic! No poppies, few sweet peas this year. Many, many, many roses! My black iris are blooming!

That viola is so pretty.

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