April 14, 2010

Butterfly Gardening Must Last from Spring thru Fall

Butterflies showed up right on schedule with the opening of the azaleas. Azaleas are going to be wide open for Bloom Day.

Pinks and Sweet William will extend the nectar season until late Spring and Summer perennials and annuals open.

Bath's Pinks, super fragrant.

Today I planted out some red and some purple Porterweeds and more than a dozen Pentas in pink, fuchsia, hot pink, pale pink, red and white. Susie brought Porterweeds and some Pentas plants. I had small rooted cuttings. I planted everything that had a blossom. Some are having to sit it out until I can identify my colors. Yes, I know that mine should all have been labeled.

Someone asked who is Susie? Susie goes to my Church where she sings in a clear, beautiful voice. Among duties at her job, she maintains Butterfly Gardens. Her boss is an expert on Native Azaleas and other native plants.

Now that I have the stamp set that Tina told us about I won't have an excuse not to label cuttings. Did I say before that I cut open Diet Coke cans and cut little labels to stamp using the unpainted inside of the can?

I asked myself what difference it made if I didn't plant like colors together. Actually it doesn't matter, but I like to clump them together.

I found sprouts on Persian Shield today, so they are going to return. I planted out some rooted cuttings with Licorice Plant. I thought last year that made a good combo for shade. I have more cuttings to plant with the old Persian Shield, now that I know they're returning.
Persian Shield and Licorice Plant from last July.

Don't forget tomorrow is Bloom Day. Azaleas are the big show here.
Lots of little side vignettes to see as well. Among my favs are
Laura Bush Petunias blooming with Rose Campion, soon to be joined by Larkspur.

Reine des Violettes roses are opening. They need purple alternanthera again. I have cuttings.


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

There's a green and purple alternanthera in the store this year. It's got purple veins and dark green leaves. I've been thinking about it.

I've got dianthus blooming too. And azaleas. And salvia May Night. And Dame's Rocket. My milkweed is just starting to emerge and is already looking ragged thanks to the tent caterpillars. They like rose foliage too.

Anonymous said...

So jealous, I haven't seen any signs of these flying flowers yet here. :)

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