April 17, 2010

Hot Pink Blooms All Over

It is the time of the year when it seems like the whole garden is turning fuchsia. Besides all the Azaleas blooming now, much of what I plant for butterflies at this time is some shade of pink.

Sweet William Dianthus, spicily fragrant.

Hot Pink Pentas and Bath's Pinks.

Poppies are short-lived, new Pentas planted below
them for the delight of butterflies will bloom
all summer and be joined by Muhly Grass in fall.

Laura Bush petunias, below are Rose Campion
in the same bed.

I planted out Lemon Grass, Cymbopogon citratus
today. Divided it into 7 pieces. Every time I planted
a piece, I had to throw a dog toy 9 times to keep
Buffy from eating it. She and the cat both like it. so
we had this big pot of it in the greenhouse all winter.


keewee said...

I love sweet William. A few years ago I tossed some, what I thought old seeds of sweet William, onto a garden and they grew and have been rewarding me with many blooms ever since.

janie said...

I have grown to love the dianthus more and more, as well as the rose campion. I have a lot of pink in my garden too, more on the lighter shades though.

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