April 23, 2010

How much Bling will Your Blog Boast on Blotanical?

We're anticipating changes soon on Blotanical. Among the changes will be "...post condensing will strip the .xml content and parse that only..." If that means what I think it means and if it works like RSS feeds, we'll see new Picks as text and pics from within the post body.
The Bling will not be seen. If it is a new-to-you blog the option will be to click on the title and go see it in all its glory. If it is a familiar blog you may remember how it looks. What we won't be viewing each visit via Blotanical Picks is sidebar items, large graphic headers, audio players and other widgets, gadgets and bling that slow loading.
Among the advantages: hard to see-to-read blogs will be read like everybody else's blog as black letters on a white background, or whatever easy-on-the-eyes combo the programmer chooses. . You won't have to scroll, scroll, scroll to get to the text of a post. The only blogs that won't load quickly will be those posts boasting a large number of photos.

Objects that take up space and little knickknacks, trinkets and tchotchke should be placed in cabinets, if possible. - Mark Michael Ferrer, Tips in Decorating Small Spaces.

If you haven’t read about the coming changes, you can see the latest post Here at Blotanical News
A little Blog Bling may go a long way. What is on Your Blog besides Posts?
I put a Poll on the Sidebar concerning the Bling we put on our Sidebars and beneath our Posts. Please check all that apply to your blog, if you choose.


Heather said...

Interesting NellJean, I took your poll and found my answers very similar to the others. Thanks for informing me too on the Botanical changes!

Elephant's Eye said...

There is a white text on black blog in my Google Reader, with just the first few lines feed. So you have to click thru to the blog - migraine city - white text. WAH! Wonder how the new Blotanical will deal with that.

NellJean said...

I use an RSS feed that isn't Google Reader. It shows the whole latest post(s) on a white black background with black text and all pics in the body of the post. Titles are light blue. It is not unpleasant. Sometimes it is a welcome thing to see blogs that are bling heavy with all that other stuff stripped out.

I'm thinking that the new Blotanical reader will look much like the page where we see black text on white with blue titles when we look at '200 top Faved' or 'New Blogs' to choose which we'll read and pick. The difference will be that when we click on that few lines text, we'll go to a whole blog text and pics instead of the fancy blog we used to see. I'm guessing, of course, but it is what I would expect to see.

Crafty Gardener said...

I don't use a feed reader to see my favourite blogs, but keep a blogroll on my sidebar. It quickly lets me know when a blog has been updated by bumping it to the top. It also changes frequently as I come across interesting blogs. I don't plan to do any changes to my blog specifically for Blotanical because I have many visitors that don't even belong to that site. Stuart will do what he feels is best for his site, after all he does own it, and we will either have to go with the flow and follow it or ignore it. I personally don't like the new picks system he will be putting in place and plan not to pick anything anymore. I will continue to visit the new blogs area and find blogs that interest me. Blogs are personal and done to please the blogger and should not be done to meet requirements on specific sites.

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh, this is a little controlling, isn't it...I spent a lot of time working on the look of my Blog, because the look is as important as the content, I feel. It reflects on the Blogger like clothing does or a hairstyle. When I read someones Blog, I notice everything, the whole package. Some people like lots of bling ,some have blogs that are sparse and simplistic, but it tells me a lot about the personality of the writer and that is another way to connect with people.

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