April 07, 2010

Lavender's Blue, Dilly, Dilly

Wisteria gets heavier and heavier. It is blue in the shade, purple in bright sun. In the far view in the righthand picture are white Azaleas. Azaleas in town are wide open. All the pink Azaleas here are a little behind this year. Notice the little Camellia in the foreground. Heat is affecting the Camellias and they are leaving us. I noticed a few of the white that are in shade still look pretty.

One of my Seedscattering projects that did not work out so well were the late-planted poppies. Seed I planted after Christmas never grew the way the November-planted poppies did. These tiny fellows opened earliest but are pitifully small and look faded. The early planted seeds made huge plants with candy-egg sized buds. They will open soon with stronger colors.

California poppies, on the right, are popping open everywhere. A real surprise is the little Lavender on the left of the of the orange poppies. It has a bud! I forget what kind of lavender this is, but it hung on through the winter, nestled among the limestone. The Lavender stoeches in the upper garden is full of buds.

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Heather said...

The wisteria is so pretty!

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