April 26, 2010

More Joys of Spring

Larkspur is blooming. More come up daily.

Pot Ghettos are hard to get planted out. This is one of 3.
Begonias are waiting for time for accompanying caladiums.
Soil in the shade just isn't that warm yet.

Corn Poppies are making a big splash as P. somniferum sheds.

Cannas have started to unfurl.

Rose de Rescht has bloomed against a
backdrop of Knockout red.
You notice the fragrance before you see the roses.
Rose de Rescht is a little rosier hue than
Reine des Violettes.

I saw a black snake on Saturday and again today. Saturday he was sluggish when I poked at him with a shovel. Today he saw me about the time I noticed him and quickly disappeared underneath leaves.

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