April 21, 2010

New Growth Appearing Daily

After the prolonged cold of February, I wondered what would return. Suddenly I'm finding new shoots everywhere. Esperanza has lots of new growth. It will reach six feet by midsummer with lots of yellow blooms. The Duranta that I doubted would return has good growth as well.  I have some little pieces of Duranta rooting. They should be good with Esperanza.

There is growth just barely visible coming from my Pride of Barbados. I am always so excited to see it return. Butterflies love it. Tiny shoots are coming from my Mandevilla vine. This is it's fifth year in the ground I think. Persian Shield has new shoots on all except the one Buffy dug up because she obviously thought they were planted too close.

Buffy and I sifted compost this afternoon. We put it into the wheelbarrow, sifting through a piece of 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Buffy jumped into the middle of the screen. When she jumped out, the wheelbarrow turned over. Then Ike the cat turned up playing Ike of the Jungle in the scrub oaks, and Buffy got in trouble for giving chase and had to go to time out in the dog pen while I made sure that Ike had not been harmed. Ike enjoyed the drama of being hunted and gave out little meows to make sure I fell for his ploy.

I leave any blue blossomed weed. Venus' Looking Glass is one of my favorite wildflowers.

California Poppies in white and orange, Violas and Salvia farinacea.

All of the above plus red Poppies.

We still have no rain. I have a dozen hoses hooked up here and there and dribble water all day on individual plants.

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Heather said...

Those poppies are really striking, aren't they?

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