April 05, 2010

Poppies Pop, Buds Open, Sprouts Appear

Buds today:

Oakleaf hydrangea buds are the size of the first joint of my pinky finger.

Tiny rose buds are visible here and there.

Breadseed poppies have marble-sized buds. Corn poppies are not far behind. California poppies are in various stages including one with more than a dozen open blooms that I displayed yesterday on Seed Scatterer, planted with Bath's Pinks.
Bath's Pink fragrance is deliciously clove-like.

Sprouts today:

Pentas -- one rose color, one pink. Of course the sprout is green, but I remember where the different pentas grew.

Duranta -- there is only one, so the pieces I rooted over winter will make a collection.

Esperanza -- only one so far that I've seen. It is still early for Tecoma stans.

Tom is right; pecan trees are budding out. More yellow pollen to fall.

The sun is hot like July, which reminds me: once in a while when spring bursts out so hot, we'll have a cool rainy spell in July. I certainly hope so.

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janie said...

Our pecan trees have just started to bud as well. It seems like it is too soon- before we know it, summer will be on us.

My Texas Star Hibiscus made it through winter!

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