April 24, 2010

Special Spots for Tomatoes; Spotlight on Roses

Sometimes it is just impossible to ignore tomato plants for sale. A six pack of ordinary plants came home with me when I went for groceries. Lacking a proper veggie bed ready for them, I planted 2 under the cedar tuteurs in what was once the Red Bed and one on the end in a sort of raised bed arrangement where butterfly plants grew last year. When I was gathering my tools and the gin trash and compost, Buffy noticed the 3 remaining plants in their plastic holder and they went for a wild ride across the back yard. Play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, play. Buffy looks on everything as a game. Amazingly the tomato plants survived being used as a game ball. I put them in some gallon pots and they look swell today.

Reine des Violettes; pink and red Knockouts.

Belinda's Dream and Knockout

He-who-mows mentioned again today that there are bright red roses and some purple in front of the equipment barn. I asked if he noticed how good the purple smells? Rose de Rescht has an open bloom or two now, adding to the delicious fragrance.

I meant to mention for Glenda about Reine des Violettes. Those long, limber canes need twining around supports so they have areas that are nearly horizontal so that new growth comes out along the canes. If they go straight up, they will have growth only at the tips. Bending them over and pegging nearly to the ground will encourage breaking buds the whole length of the cane if you aren't growing them on a trellis. They are easy to work with because there are no thorns.
We had only a little more than a tenth of an inch of rain this morning. Evertually the sun came out and the day was steamy. We have a chance for a quarter to a half inch or rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Every little bit helps. I watered roses and newly set plants over the past three days. Everything else was waiting patiently and gratefully for a drink.

I moved some Blackout lilies to the front walk bed where I'm adding maroon to the blues.

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