April 16, 2010

Surprises for a Seed Scatterer

Some time back I started parsley in a six-pack tray to plant out in the Butterfly Garden as a host for Black Swallowtails. Only two cells grew plants in a nice warm environment. Today I found parsley seedlings in the last daffodil bed I planted and overseeded with various annuals. I don't remember scattering parsley seeds; maybe I thought they something else.

They have to be transplanted to the Butterfly Garden, or I have to start a new butterfly garden on the south side where the daffodils will die back later.

More surprises. Solid purple Salvia leucantha abounds in the Garden. There is one plant with white florets inside the purple calyces that Janie sent me a couple years ago. These seedlings came up about 2 feet away from that plant, beside an echinacea -- there's an echinacea seedling there too. I'll be eager to see if they bloom with white florets or solid purple. These are the first seedlings I've seen.

I've shown what I believed to be the very last daffodil twice before. Today I found two more blooming, from a batch of mixed daffodils that were planted late in the season. They should be back on track next spring. This is the same patch where I found the parsley.

It is dry. I started dragging hoses this afternoon to spot water newly set plants and the roses. No sign of rain before Monday and then just a chance.

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