April 18, 2010

White Eschscholzia

I was afraid they would not thrive planted so late so I held back half the seeds that Carolyn of Rose Notes sent. I will use the saved seeds for fall planting. What an exciting surprise when the first one showed up!

That looks like pure sunshine in the center, and it is.

All Poppies are beautiful this year. Corn poppies are just starting, no pics yet.

Roses are starting -- did I say that yesterday?

Reine des Violettes is one of those you can smell before you see it, a peppery rose scent that
carries on the breeze. It has few thorns and long canes.

I have to get the purple alternathera planted beside it and around the end.
I hoped the purple would sprout out from the roots but I think it is dead.
It was really a strong grower. I'm glad I kept cuttings.
I have some chartreuse alternanthera cuttings to plant out and some bits of red.
They do better in sun. The best show comes in the fall.

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