April 06, 2010

Who Takes Care of the Roadsides?

I am tired of hearing how many million gallons of water, how many million pounds of pesticides and tons of fertilizer are used on lawns yearly. My lawn gets no water, no chemicals and no fertilizer. It is huge, green, and neat. I overseeded with rye grass last fall. I hand pull weeds like red sorrel before they go to seed. Why not educate homeowners on what grasses need little water and no fertilizer and can go dormant in a drought?

Why not focus on the county who sends out a pickup truck with a tank on the back and a prisoner in the rear seat squirting chemicals out the window onto roadside growth? When they got to my driveway this morning and were spraying the Kerria growing outside the fence, I started yelling. They hurried on past and did not stop until they were out of sight. Where are the prisoners who used to pick up paper, bottles and cans on the roadsides?
Buffy is doing her part, picking up litter along the roadside.
She picked up this beer bottle about 20 feet past the mailbox.

Blooming today:

The first rose to bloom was a Knock Out. Reine des Violettes has a bud with color.
I'm hand picking ugly rose leaves.
I saw a black swallowtail butterfly on the Pinks this morning. The pics were not good.
I glimpsed a tiger swallowtail yesterday. As the Azaleas open up, they appear.

We need rain. Maybe on Thursday. I am hand watering newly set plants, since I noticed my Salvia farinacea was wilted. Newly planted lilies are coming up everywhere. They'll need a drink, too. The watering wand is Buffy's new toy.

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Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

At my job, I answer questions all day long about how to keep the yard green all summer. My answer is always water. People don't want to hear that. Water gets expensive when there's little rain. Fertilizers, weed and feed, more grass seed on top of grass seed. They spend tons of money and still fight the neighbors' dandelions, clover, and other broadweeds. Why do people care so much about what's growing in their lawn? Mine stays green almost all year. It's a mixture of clover, bermuda, fescue, and whatever else might come by on the wind. I rarely sow grass seed unless there's a bald spot that needs covering. I never fertilize, and only apply lime in the form of wood ashes from the winter heater.

The county sends trucks by here with huge mowers onboard to cut down what they consider excessive growth. Every year they've chopped down the sweetshrub that grows along the street between me and the neighbor. They also mow the mock orange that the birds and breezes have scattered. The ditchlilies and blackberries never had a chance.

Last year, I sowed wildflower seeds. Just as they were coming up, they came by on a gasoline powered golf cart spraying roundup on everything. The honeysuckle has now taken over where the native and wildflower plants would have been. Who do they think they're helping?

Btw...I like this blog best. ;)

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