May 05, 2010

Annie's Pitcher with Begonias, Strawberries and Clematis

Begonias are rooted and waiting for planting in a shady spot along with some White Queen Caladiums. How do Caladiums know when to sprout when the are in a climate-controlled house in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box? They are just beginning to send out little sprouts, right on time.

I can never resist taking my own picture in the mirror on the pumphouse wall. Annie's pitcher on the table brings back memories of Annie Kerce, a little bird-like woman who wore a black dress and bonnet and lived in a stone house. When she died, her sisters gave me Annie's brass pitcher and a yellow bowl.

Jackmanii clematis, poor thing, fell to the indignities of the previous dog, then to the present one. I gave
him a piece of rebar for protection and he has climbed up to the crape myrtle that never blooms. Since it never blooms I figured it would make a fine trellis. The first blossom was chewed by a pest of some kind
but bloomed regardless.

The groundcover strawberries are bearing. They are small and sweet. I have to beat the dog to them.

We got 3.7 inches of rain the night of the 3rd. Everything is lush and green.

I am so tickled to have a seedling Pride of Barbados. Last spring the
cat stepped on my sprouted seedlings. This spring just when I had
given up and started to dump the lot, I found a seed with a root.

The little red Firecrackers just happened to be hanging down to get in the pic.

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