May 11, 2010

Bloom Day Preview

I looked at the garden with an eye toward what will be blooming by the 15th of May and what will be done. When Bloom Day comes, I'll put the blooms on Seed Scatterer blog. Here's a preview of what may be in bloom then.


Clockwise from upper left:
  • 'Laura Bush' petunias. I always pulled the pink ones until I read what Tom said about the pink.
  • 'Red Cascade' rose. I had to build a cage to contain this one.
  • The name of the Amaryllis escapes me. Maybe I don't know. This is the only one so far.
  • Red Pentas. This is new but looks like the 'Ruby' pentas I had for years.
  • An old red daylily that has been here for more than fifty years. I just call it 'Old Red.' Several other daylilies have buds. This is the second to bloom after something mislabeled bloomed looking like Stella.
  • Blue Iris, also here for fifty years.
  • Pink Pentas, one of several pink shades for butterfly delight. Porterweed is starting too.
  • Blue Hydrangeas. If they're not blooming by Bloom Day it will be soon.
Oh, forgot to include Stokesia, which is opening one by one. Stokesia is a favorite native.

I planted more Lantana montevidensis today on the Stump bed berm. Lavender, white and yellow Lantana are all starting to bloom. Larkspur continues along with Corn Poppies and California poppies. Violas are on the way out, but I've only cut the orange and the blue to the ground. Yellows and purples persist.

My Lavender that isn't Spanish Lavender has buds! Some early melampodium has come up and there is already one bud.

White Crape Myrtle is the only color crape with buds this early.

The list goes on and on this time of year: Echinacea, Salvias farinacea and Indigo Spires; Gerbera daisies, Roses - most are resting after the first bloom; Dianthus, Shrimp plant, Spiderwort, Ratibida, Verbena on a stick. It will be hard to choose a few favorites to represent my gardens. I should be out watering so they'll look good for company.

I look forward to seeing everybody's blooms on Saturday, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Garden.



janie said...

That Red Cascade finally got the best of me. It always wanted to grow horizontally, and I want it to grow vertically. I would step on it in the beds, and those thorns hurt! It is happier where it is now.

Love the blooms. Especially that Red Cascade! You know how I feel about RED!

Gloria said...

Hi Nell Jean, nice blog and like always you have such good information - enjoyed it

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