May 02, 2010

Chased by a Big White Bird

Buffy the dog and I went on a short jaunt to see if the rain filled the Mayhaw pond, which it didn't. We took the long way around to check on progress of wild lantana which is starting to bloom just a few tiny blossoms.

We arrived at the pond at the same time as a Cattle Egret who found no water, either. As we drove around to check on progress of the Mayhaws Buffy kept twisting around and looking back. I looked back to see the Cattle Egret following us. We found only tiny green berries, none ripe yet. I noticed that blackberries are still blooming. The prolonged cold in February set everything late this year. As we drove back around the bird was still following us. It perched for a moment in a small Mayhaw tree and I thought we left it behind.

As we went up the hill along the fence Buffy was still agitated and hanging over me wagging. I thought it was because we were approaching the donkey on the other side of the fence. We rode out the gate, up the dirt road and turned on the field road with Buffy still climbing all over me, looking. I looked up to see the Cattle Egret flying past us.

We decided that the bird probably thought the RTV was some kind of tractor. Egrets follow tractors to get insects mowers or plows stir up.

Today I scattered seed of more Castor Beans. I found fresher seed when I searched for Verbena bonariensis seed, so I planted some extras among the previously planted Castor Beans. I scattered V. bonariensis along the perimeter beds. Purple Swirl Datura seeds are soaking overnight to plant tomorrow. Some Cassia alata went in the ground too for fall Candlesticks.

Echinacea are starting to bloom by the birdbath.

Hydrangeas had some long bare stems that stuck up above the shrubs with just a tuft of leaves. Some had buds, but they were not shaped the way the big ball-shaped heads usually look when they first form. All the long stems are gone now. There is some inherited gene that renders me unable to resist sticking pieces of cut hydrangea in the ground in a damp place in case somebody needs a hydrangea. The same with the loropetalum 'Laura Pedlum' that I pruned off the path.

The phrase that brings the most viewers to my blogs is Laura Pedlum.

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