May 08, 2010

Coming and Going

As spring blooms fade, summer plants are coming on. Perennials emerge from the ground, just as the gardener despairs of seeing them for another season. Scattered seeds come into bloom in warmer days. Winter blossoms wind down.

Clockwise from Upper Left:
Persian Shield back from the dead. Larkspur blooms with Rose Campion and Laura Bush petunias, all  from scattered seeds.
 'Blood of China' is the last Camellia to bloom. Heat takes out the blossoms. Cool cloudy days extended bloom time into May this year. Silene at bottom left is from scattered seeds, dramatic against Loropetalum.


Bernie said...

This transition from spring blooms to summer plants is not something we experience here to any great degree... so it's always lovely to be able to visit gardens where this is commonplace.

I do particularly love that patch of larkspur and rose campion with the petunias scattered throughout ... such a pretty combination.

janie said...

I am always so envious of your camellias. I was so thrilled this morning to find my Chalice vine putting out sprouts! I thought it was dead for sure!

I love your combination of rose campion, petunias, and larkspurs. They are all favorites of mine, although I don't think I have ever grown them together.

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