May 20, 2010

How to Garden, in 25 Words

This was an exercise from last year. It sums up my garden techniques except for propagation which is, "Here, stick this in the ground and it will grow," which I learned from Miss Billie.

How to Garden, in 25 Words

Stroll the garden daily.
Weed as you go.
Look at your plants.
Remove what's dying or overcrowding.
Water as needed.
Postpone planting until cooler days.
                                        -- Nell Jean

Here's why I stroll the garden daily, or twice daily or even thrice daily.

So as not to miss Inner View:

or Brocaded Gown:

and especially this Zebra:

Buffy and I planted hostas this morning.
Hostas do not do well here, but I've had these for years. Last fall I dug them and potted up to see if they'd think they were in a colder climate if they were in pots. They did come up earlier.

This afternoon we have watering to do. I noticed Castor Beans are coming up in the North Bed where Pride of Barbados is looking good. I have a seedling to plant of Pride of Barbados and some other bits of rooted things. My Nasturtiums have started to bloom, just in time for hot weather to take them out.

All flowers and text are from the Dotty Plants Blog in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia where Gardenia fragrance floats on the breeze and dogs passing in the backs of pickups bark to let us know they are there. Join us in a glass of fresh cool well water from the tap. Buffy likes hers from the end of a garden hose.


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