May 25, 2010

Late May Favorites

Late May is a time of seed gathering as well as scattering. Papaver rhoeas awaits snipping off the tiny pods full of seeds as fine as dust, small in comparison to the earlier poppies. I just visited Kimberly's Garden in Paradise where she has hibiscus in bloom while mine is just reviving from the dead with leaves peeking out between last year's dead stems.  Kimberly showed Mandevilla and Periwinkles, just showing growth here.

The little garden around 'Little Gem' magnolia has
lavender pentas, Brazilian ruellia, begonias, Persian Shield and
'Little Grapette' daylily which is not in bloom yet.

Here's 'Little Grapette' bloomg beside a recycled rough concrete
walk-through in one of my long beds. 'Little Grapette' is a
good companion to 'Byzantine Emperor' daylily blooming now and
'Olive Bailey Langdon' which was invaded by a fire ant mound and is now struggling.

This heirloom gladioli was moved from an old house site
elsewhere on this place.  I know its name but I forget.

Speaking of heirlooms, here's 'Old Red' again. It's the staple of
the daylily garden, here for more than 50 years. Here it is
growing with Hydrangea, Larkspur and reseeded 
Salvia coccinea and gomphrena.  

This daylily is my very own, grown from seeds gathered in someone's daylily bed. She said when she'd tried planting them the results were ugly. This one turned out beautiful. Notice yesterday's bloom, which still looks good for a second day bloom. Usually they look like soggy socks.

I had a disappointment today. When 'Joan Senior' finally bloomed, it was mislabeled. It is a pretty peach color but not the near white I was hoping for.

Visit Simply Susan for more May Favorites.  I couldn't list all mine, we would be here all day. I must go water Gardenias. I didn't get to all of them yesterday. The ones that did get watered are bursting into bloom. Usually Gardenias are June bloomers here.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at in hot, humid  Southwest Georgia where Gardenia and Magnolia fragrances float on the breeze. A breeze is always welcome here in summer.


Susan said...

Hi NellJean...Thanks for playing along. Your daylilies are blooming away, and they are beautiful. I love, love, love that gladiola...spectacular color and a nice keepsake from your prior garden. It seems to have become a forgotten plant. Such a shame since its blooms are stunning.

Floridagirl said...

Well, I finally found your May Favorites post! Couldn't find it at SeedScatterer. I had those purple pentas on my May favorites also. The pentas foliage came back pretty quickly, but they just recently started blooming again here at PITV. Love your daylilies, especially the one you call your "own." It is beautiful! I can't believe those are second-day blooms! Wouldn't it be fun to name your own daylily?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nell, I just saw your post over at Dave's about Snowball viburnum. I rooted three last year in soil. Easy as pie.

I stuck mine in mid June using terminal cuttings. I used well draining potting mix and a humidity dome. I may have used rooting hormone, but I can't remember. They rooted in about 6 weeks or so. There's a post showing my results from last year.

Give it a try. The ones I stuck in late winter before it leafed out also rooted. I just pushed them into the ground where I wanted them to grow. Same as forsythia, in my opinion. They're great plants, aren't they?

I've been scattering columbine seeds already. And Mountain Bluet. The poppies are just getting started here. I plan to return the seeds to the soil as soon as they're ripe. I had more success that way. It's what nature does.

NellJean said...

Only the one at the back that has closed is a second day bloom. It's just not shriveled the way old blooms usually look.

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