May 04, 2010

Oakleaf Hydrangeas Are Blooming

They are not completely open, but I could wait no longer. I was surprised how fast they opened from yesterday to today.

The three in the top left pic have larger blooms than the on in the bottom left. They came from different sources, both were suckers from someone's yard. I call the big-flowered one 'Sugar' which is what the man's wife whose yard it came from called him. The smaller one I call 'Cassie.' I suspect the original plant came from a creek bank in the next county. Hydrangea quercifolia is a suckering plant. Once you have one established, many new plants will grow around it and you can fill the garden.

Oh, and notice on the right that Spirea Bumalda is blooming along with Echinacea and Rose Campion.

When I planted the yellow daylilies at upper left, they were supposed to be pink. The name was 'Little Women.' They turned out butter yellow and look much like the ubiquitous 'Stella' so I moved them to the front where other yellow daylilies grow. It's what I get for buying daylilies in a little box with a pretty picture on the front. I know beforehand they're not going to be true.
Poppies are drying. As soon as the pods open, seeds are collected and they are out of here. Corn poppies are blooming well, notice top center. Cool cloudy days have prolonged violas.

I deadheaded roses Monday. Sombrueil has finished the first flush of bloom as have many others.

Rain again.

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