May 06, 2010

A Visitor to my Own Garden

"It looks like a park when the whole place is mowed," said He-who-Mows. So I took a stroll in his park.

My park hasn't been mowed yet, as I have to show him the parts where wildlife prefer that their habitat remain a little wild. I made pics yesterday of part of the acres of Erigeron blooming there and wrote about it on Secrets of a Seedscatterer. You can access it on the sidebar.

The roses are almost done, except for White Dawn which has blossomed out in all her glory. Deadheading is in progress. I think the Knockouts could use a general shearing there were so many individual blooms. They say KOs need no deadheading but I think they look better with some trim. I look forward to the next flush of bloom, which can hardly be prettier than the first.

I'm ready to cut back spiderwort whether it needs it or not. The beds might benefit with some general digging and discarding of some of the bigger clumps. It is beautiful when there isn't another blue, but gets thuggish when competition arrives.

Last glimpse of the blue viola mound before I pull them and plant out lantana montevidensis. It did root. I may root some white, it did return and is going to bloom ahead of the lavender.

Oakleaf Hydrangea and Carefree Delight Rose.

As I was out strolling and clicking, I thought of Bloom Day, hardly more than a week away. What will be blooming then? Will I have Kniphofia? There is one agapanthus bud and one amaryllis bud so far.

Notice the little chartreuse alternanthera plants in the pics on the left, next to the violas. Growing.

Some daylilies have scapes. It has not been an attractive spring for daylilies. I haven't seen rust, but spring sickness and cold left some ugly leaves on many plants. True lilies have fat buds and hold much promise despite the dog stepping on some.  Lots to do before Bloom Day.

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Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I couldn't have that much land at my disposal. I'd be dangerous. But he is right. It's a beautiful setting.

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