May 09, 2010

A Walk on the Wilder Side

Last week I showed a stroll in the park-like meadow of He-who-mows, promising to show you my park when he finished mowing there. This is the wilder meadow where I hope for butterflies of all kinds. Controlled burns and careful mowing encourage desirable plants.

I saw a pair of Hawks in this area today, too far away to get pics.

The only shot I got of the Spicebush swallowtail I saw today at woods edge was so poor that I cartoonized it. It was visiting the Penstemon species that I found yesterday, one never saw before and there is a good distribution of it near other wildflowers that I expected to find, like Elphantapus and Helianthemum.

Yesterday among the Mayhaw trees we saw a butterfly: either a Comma or a Question Mark. I can only be sure that it was Polygonia. Of course I had pruners, tarps and a berry bucket, no camera. I'm seeing more and more Sulphurs and Buckeyes. Lantana is opening and Passifloras are growing so I hope to see lots of Gulf Frits soon and would love to see a Zebra Longwing, we haven't had one in a long while.

We're seeing dead snakes on the highway, so snakes are crawling. Unfortunately most of the dead ones are good fellows, like Spreading Adders and Rat Snakes. They catch rodents and other undesirables.

Irises are blooming and those little pink 'seven sisters' roses that crawl all over the garden and bloom once in the spring. No rain.

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gld said...

Nell, glad you linked this on your other blog. I will be visitng regularly now.

Love your beautiful vistas.

I have been after my man who mows to get him motivated in the mowing direction.

We are having very cold and rainy weather so it will be a week or so before he can get started

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