May 12, 2010

What to Do: Your Text and Pics Aren't Showing on Blotanical

If your post shows up on Blotanical's Picks these days with nothing but a title like "Wordless Wednesday" or a title and three lines of text, that isn't how it is supposed to look in the Picks Screen. Those who are reading Picks should see your full post when they click on your listing, just minus the sidebar and any fancy backgrounds or musical offerings. You have to go further to see all that.

What you should be seeing is a picture or pics in a wordless post, or full text and all pics in a regular post. I noticed the other day that posts showed up with only three lines of text but thought it was a glitch in the new Picks. Today I noticed that some had full text, some had just the bits.

Here's the answer, which I figured out for myself after I called it to Stuart's attention. I'm not a computer geek, but I decided it originated with my browser'a RSS feed, since one of my blogs showed up normally and one had three lines of text and no pics. My eyes crossed when I looked at the source code. Then I thought of Settings within my browser.

It has nothing to do with Blotanical. Your RSS feeds determine what shows up. To fix the problem in Blogger, go to Settings and check for Blog Feeds to be 'Full' -- there is a similar setting in Wordpress. You should not have to click on the big orange button to read the post text and view the photos.

Late Note:
What to Do, What to DO? Some of the bloggers to whom I suggested this are fearful of scrapers (bottom feeders who steal blog content and represent it as their own) taking their text and photos for re-use if they allow full text feeds? What's a blogger to do?

Readers can read a summary and click on the link to Read in a New Tab our ad-rich slow-loading blog to read the full article and then come back to Pick, I guess. Or just pick faves without reading the content.


janie said...

It always shows up just a few lines on my computer. I will look into changing the settings, but I may need further assistance. You know I am less than adequate on this thing.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

Dee Nash said...

Yes, I limit my feed because of the scrapers. I have so much trouble with them already. Thanks for letting me know though. I've had a lot of trouble with my feed on Blotanical over the years.~~Dee

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