June 02, 2010

Cool Colors are Hot, too.

Noel asked us to show our Loud and Proud Hot Colors. What I'm enjoying most right now are not hot and loud, but cool and exciting purples with warm yellow.

I forgot the name of this gladioli from last year.
It's cozied up to a couple of tomato plants next to a limestone rock.

This was the first to bloom.
More to come, pretty with Black eyed Susans.

The view from the other side with Vetiver grass.
The Rudbeckia is self-planted.

More purple, Vitex in full sun is blooming.
This Tiger found it tempting.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at www.seedscatterer.blogspot.com in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia where Gardenia fragrance floats on the breeze and huge blue mopheads nod in the heat. Hydrangeas demand a whole post of their own.

This afternoon I planted out some Indigo Spires salvia among the Salvia farinacea and 5 small agapanthus plants between the Duranta cuttings already planted. I transplanted some yellow melampodium from the Purple Heart border. All the Chartreuse alternanthera cuttings are planted.

The problem with being an compulsive propagator is that there are always plants calling out for new homes. I still have Begonias without proper homes. The pink Brug cutting found a home next to White Dawn rose.


Elephant's Eye said...

How interesting Nell Jean that your 2 blogs attract 2 different audiences! Have to say, I usually read your Other Blog.

noel said...

aloha jean,

i'm still in dc and glad i check to see other posts on this ...i love the purple and yellow combinations and find those constrasting colors prett hot as a combination...that intense purple is really amazing...thanks for sharing this

I Blog Here & Here too