June 05, 2010

Making Do with What's Available

I was not the lucky winner of the composter Dave gave away. Congratulations to All American Belle.

I'm consoled with my new compost container. If I'd won the composter, I promised to save my tea bags and coffee grounds, shred my prunings, deadhead faithfully saving the corpses and become a dedicated composter. I'll be doing that, but the receptacle will be not a fancy manufactured 'green' compost tumbler. Instead I'll be dropping all my compostables into a recycled Stock Tank with a hole in the bottom. Notice the great patina it acquired in the edge of the woods before it came to be my compost holder.

You can see where it came to live at upper right along the field road, well past the Stick House and my stash of cedar saved in case of a need for Improvisational Carpentry. The little mound next to the Stock Tank is a scoop of well-composted gin trash.

While we're out here tromping around, come around to the other side of the Live Oak and see my new wide path.When vines and weeds get beyond me, He-who-mows just takes care of the whole thing. That explains why some of my 'design' methods are a little unorthodox.
I'm always aware that the mower has a 54" cut.

I didn't finish my part of the prep work, so it needs tweaking.

The path passes by my Hosta collection and some
Aucuba and ferns. Hostas do not reach great size here.

Looking in the opposite direction from the Stock Tank and Stick House.

Among my first offerings to the Compost receptacle will be deadheaded daylilies.
Note the little pile of yesterday's 'soggy socks' at upper right.
Also of interest in this pic: Crinum starting to bloom again,
Reseeded Salvia coccinea in front of the stone and between daylilies,
altered color on the hydrangea from limestone leaching nearby,
Pinks thriving along the stones  despite the humidity; reseeded Gomphrena.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at www.dottypants.blogspot.com in the hot, humid depths of Southwest Georgia where Gardenia fragrance floats on the breeze and dayliles are still putting on scapes. Among those yet to bloom are Pandora's Box and Bride Elect.


janie said...

I LOVE your new composter! It is perfect for the surrounding area! Fits right in.

I am so jealous of your hydrangea.

On the other hand, my gardenias are blooming!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I love that stock tank. I would love to one with so much character. I've looked at the new ones to make a small pond from in the backyard, but they're way too shiny for my yard. The glare would be distracting.

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