June 09, 2010

Peanuts Don't Thrive in Zone 4

Looking at new members' blogs I ran across  a line that said, "...Jackie quickly learned that peanuts and oranges don’t thrive in Zone 4!"  

Oranges seldom thrive here either despite the few folks that I've seen who were able to grow certain citrus very well in protected spots. This is Peanut Country.

This week I made pics of peanuts just starting fine green growth in the field north of us.

Peanuts grow in sunny, sandy soil in hot humid climates.

As they grow plants will meet in the middles. Plants send out pegs after
bloom which go into the soil where the nuts form underground.
Harvest is two months away. 

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean at www.seedscatterer.blogspot.com in the hot, sandy soil of Southwest Georgia where peanuts make long ribbons of green across fields. Join us in a glass of iced Ruby Tea, dark and barely sweet.

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janie said...

I have seen peanuts growing in a field before, but they were in West Texas, on our way to San Angelo. It is very sunny and sandy there, but they have to use the big irrigation systems that roll across the fields. Not much humidity there. I am not sure if they are still growing them out there now, but they did seem to be thriving.

Your field is beautiful. I love the sight of crops in the field. All we are seeing here now are acres and acres of corn, soy beans, and some cotton. We used to grow rice, but not much of that is grown here now.

I wonder where they are growing rice.

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