June 12, 2010

They Are Supposed to Be Trees!

Today's Butterfly: Zebra Longwing. Naturally I was without a camera, watering. When I came out again with a camera, he was gone. I got a glimpse of two large swallowtails at a distance. Pics of golden skippers turned out fuzzy. All I got was this moth on Lantana montevidensis.

Today's Pest: Mosquito bite.

Today's Blossom: Daylily. These are perhaps the toughest daylilies anywhere.

Today's View: Pink Crape Myrtle. I like what Grumpy Gardener says about Crape Myrtle in this Video on planting and care of Crapes, even if he doesn't use the southern spelling.

Grumpy Gardener on Crepe Myrtle

"They are supposed to be trees!"

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia Join us in a glass of iced Ruby Tea, dark and barely sweet and the last of the blueberry pie.


Bernie said...

Isn't the Grumpy Gardener great! This is the first I've heard of him!

Just love your Crepe Myrtle ... I never knew it was spelt any other way until I joined the blogging world. Now I'm enlightened ... but it doesn't matter how it's spelt, they are just the most beautiful shrub/tree when in full bloom.

Quite common in older gardens here ... they haven't been in fashion for a while so you don't see them in the newer gardens.

Took a closer look at your Zebra Longwing ... quite lovely.

janie said...

I love that crepe myrtle! I have a lot in my yard, but most are white. I love them too, but the pink is my favorite.

The butterflies are here!

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