November 20, 2010

Nothing Beats Motivation

There's a new pump in the greenhouse to circulate the water in the heat-sink barrels that mediate temperatures. The little, old pump burned up. This is a much sturdier model.

During the heat of August I tended to let the whole plant world here depend on survival of the fittest. Now I'm starting over.

Succulents managed on their own all summer. These all grew from a single leaf each and I put them in one pot.

Persian Shield is good to hold over. It has tiny blue blossoms mid-winter.

Christmas Cactus has buds.

Amaryllis bulb had a rest, now resprouting.

Cutting of Pentas and Shrimp plants.
White Shrimp plants bloom in the greenhouse midwinter.

Pentas and alternanthera in the garden; good in the greenhouse.

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