March 25, 2011

Black Swallowtail Butterflies on Pinks -- Video

Dark Swallowtails were swarming Bath's Pinks this
morning and nectaring on a little 'Alabamense'
Native azalea as well.

Perhaps my lack of expertise in making a video
will be offset by the charm of the butterflies.

It's a real task to ensure a succession of blooms for
butterflies. A Sulphur found Pentas blooms placed
in front of the greenhouse for planting out.

When the weather first begins to warm,
Early butterflies visit chickweed and others
for nectar so I leave the weeds.
Hot sun soon takes it out -- mine is already dying.

It's dry here. I'm watering Dianthus barbatus seedlings
set out so Sweet Williams follow Bath's Pinks
The rest of the Pentas cuttings are ready to plants.

Tiger Swallowtails were visitng azaleas and
the remaining camellia blossoms.


Alison said...

Wonderful to see the swallowtails swarming your flowers! Thanks for posting them.

kenju said...

WOW! I've barely seen a butterfly yet and you have swarms of them!

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