March 10, 2011

Cool Weather Returns

Yesterday's rain passed on through, leaving continuing wind. We watched for tornadoes yesterday. The nearest one touched down in Lee County. Tomorrow night we expect near-freezing temperatures.

In Dothan today, I could hardly look at garden plants because it was so cold and I had not dressed for such a windy day in an unlined jacket and no head covering. The garden clerk at Lowe's said she'd had to run down to Target and buy a sweater because she hadn't anticipated such cool wind either.

The Mexican restaurant where we ate lunch had large plantings of yellow, white and orange violas -- so festive.

At home, I potted up alternanthera cuttings that rooted in water in two 18-cell flats. Nineteen chartreuse and the rest in red except for two pentas to finish out the cells. I think I'll put the purple cuttings directly into the garden. I'm anxious to see if any return from the dead.

Pine straw stored in stick house.

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