March 05, 2011

Daffy Down Dilly Days

Has come to town
With a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown.
She arrived here mid-February. Suddenly daffodils were everywhere, made more lovely than usual by a cold January. We've seen daffodils for 3 weeks and some remain to open. Hawera in shade is just bursting buds. Tahiti, usually late, came on fast and some of the bulbs in sun blasted from the heat.

I think this is a Fortune hybrid.

Jetfire or Tete a Tete? Or both?

Van Sion, here for decades; half a century or more.

Tahiti, in center is blasted bud.

Tahiti in which orange edges show.

Hawera; Ice Wings behind

Hawera again. Notice backgrounds in
many of these pics show more daffodils.

A pretty jonquilla without a name.

Pink Charm. Always charming.

Notice the two at bottom left kissing.

Ice Wings

Ice Wings and Sailboat

There are a few more daffodils yet to bloom here. Baby Moon is usually the last along with Misty Glen.

2010 was the first year in several that I failed to plant at least a few daffodils. I'm taking time this spring to move some that are planted too deep to bloom or are in too deep shade or otherwise in an undesirable space. I'm wavering between more daffodils or more hyacinths this fall. Maybe I'll try  tulips in pots again, now that the dog is older and more discerning about her diet.


Alison said...

Just beautiful, especially that Van Sion. It doesn't even look like a daffodil. Do you have a picture looking right down at the flower? It doesn't look like it has the usual cup in the center.

We're the Hamilton's said...

If I chose one it would be the pink charm's. Lovely. I am digging up all my bush's this year and want to plant some bulbs that will come up each spring. I really enjoy all the different daffodils. Didn'T know there were so many different types. Oh and I did like the kissing Daffodils.

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

I have enjoyed your posts!

We have similar tastes in bulbs it seems... we love our N. Hawera, I just planted N. Pink Charm, and we have a great swath of muscari (not too make you feel bad, sorry). Photo of it here:

Thanks for looking at Wife, Mother, Gardener~

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