March 28, 2011

Followup to Hailstorm Story

We looked everywhere this morning for the missing greenhouse roof panels. We found one broken to bits in and under the fig tree and beyond. We went everywhere to the southeast of the area without finding it. When we came back, looking high and low, we looked a little higher.
Do you see it? In the cedar tree?
The greenhouse is to the left of the RTV.

Gentle nudging with a long pole from the back of the truck brought it down. As it came down it hit the greenhouse and nearly scared Ike the Cat to death as he watched from his perch inside.
This panel was unharmed and is now back in place.
We've secured the area where rain might damage electrical components.
In time we'll get all damaged panels replaced.

After the Storm

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Bernie said...

Having just come through a pretty bad cyclone over here, I know just how powerful the winds can be. It's amazing to think that panel was just lifted and gently left resting up there ... what a fortunate thing.

I read your last post and was so amused by the thought of you creeping into church with those socks on! Still, it had to be done.

So glad there wasn't too much horrible damage, although your poor greenhouse suffered a bit. Luckily most of your plants had moved on!

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