March 03, 2011

I Might Be Your Mentor, and a Poll

In my early enthusiasm over Blotanical, I sent frequent messages of encouragement to new members. My spirits were dampened by a woman who brusquely informed me that she wanted nothing to do with Blotanical. We eventually became more cordial.

When Blotanical announced new changes I was so excited. A Dashboard appeared. I clicked and experimented. That was before I knew clicking on a candidate made me Processor of that blog. Suddenly I was responsible for the fate of certain Blogs. It took several tries to see if it worked.
I “approved” one member 3 times. She sent a message to my blog that she had a mentor and it wasn’t me. I stumbled across another new member and noticed that I had sent a message of welcome to his Plot -- not of my doing; automated.

I possibly am the mentor of others. Carelessly, I didn’t make a pen and paper list of everybody I tried to admit to Blotanical. I read there is a record but I can’t find it.

If I am your Mentor, please let me know.

Poll on the sidebar. Choose as many as apply. 


Alison said...

I am so confused by Blotanical.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I gave up on Blotanical last year. It was too confusing. But all the same, you've been a mentor for me since my first days at the GW forums. Thanks for what I've learned from you.

Bernie said...

Absolutely lovely displays of Hyacinths and Daffodils ... Spring is obviously in the air!

I'm not sure how the mentoring thing works on Blotanical, but in theory it sounds like a great idea. I did offer to process one blog and it ended up on Blotanical, but haven't heard or seen anything from the blog author or Blotanical as a result of my apparent mentoring ... obviously all very new!

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Although still a member, I gave up on Botanical too...

I Blog Here & Here too