March 21, 2011

The Neighbors Offered Me Some Pups -- Cycas revoluta

The winter was not kind to cycads in this area. Mine had many winter-damaged fronds.
Opinions on how to deal with the damage vary.

My neighbor called last week to offer me some 'pups' from her Cycad.
The yardman had pruned it she said and there were more than a dozen 'babies' 
she was giving to various neighbors 

I went armed with a trowel, expecting to find teacup-sized pups at most.
Instead, they were the size of basketballs!
I'll have to go back with big buckets and a spade.
It takes months for the pups to root and put on new growth.

The neighbors prune off all the old shoots to encourage a pretty new
topknot of new fronds at the top on a fat bare trunk.
I prefer more judicious pruning that leaves as much green as possible. 

My Sago has no pups; it has had seeds. They were not fertilized and did not germinate.
The remains of the 'nest' where the seeds were remains. 
A few stray fronds grow straight out of the ground. 

There's a little column of developing fronds in the center.

Looking ahead to June:

Sago mid-June 2010 when new fronds sprouted.


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I planted one next to the chimney last summer. It gets Southern exposure against brick. Half of it, the side away from the house, has died. I'm not going to trim anything until it sprouts this year.

I'm not surprised it survived the winter. Across town, one lady has several that regrow every year.

NellJean said...

The past two winters were very hard on Sagos. Mine were not totally killed back. I just cut off the brown parts.

I did go back and get 4 offsets. They were big fellows. The first one I hacked off surprised me with its weight. I had to make a second try to pick it up to put it in the car. I'll make some pics and blog about them.

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