March 26, 2011

A New Diva Every Day

A Poppy bloomed today! I didn't take a picture. Let's wait for a show.
Here's foliage and buds from yesterday. We had rain today.

As spring bulbs finish their season here, foliage of summer bulbs is either dying back or emerging, depending on the habit of the bulb. There are a very few late daffodils still in bud. I think I'll plant more late season daffodils this fall.

Lycoris radiata and lycoris squamigera foliage are beginning their demise. The flowers will appear mid-to late summer on naked stems. Elephant ears, crinums, cannas, gladioli and true lilies are showing up daily, the foliage. We'll see blossoms in a month or two.

Yesterday I divided a single Oxblood lily that divided over a few years into a dozen. Some were as large as a tennis ball. The Oxblood lily blooms late August. Buffy helped; a few may not bloom this summer because they lost their tops which were still bright green. I wanted to move them in the green so I could see where daffodils were located and not dig into them later when I moved the Rhodophiala.

I'm dividing my attention between catalogs of summer bulbs which must be ordered soonest to plant timely and fall-planted bulbs that need ordering before they sell out. Before I order off, I need to see what is here that can be divided and moved about.

Somebody needs to talk me out of ordering tulips just once more to prove I can bring them to bloom. How many tulips for the price of one amaryllis, Tulip for the South? The Hippeastrum that I gave my neighbor who doesn't garden has rebloomed this second year. Mine is sulking.

Maybe I can distract myself with finding a new spot for some true lilies that were crowded underneath some shrubs. Neglected lilies tend to get smaller. Renewed in some potting soil and then planted with lots of compost they will bloom again next year. Remember Mrs. Greenthumbs' story about the lilies and compost? She gave hers all the compost she had and they still weren't happy.

Roses are blooming as if it were June. Reine des Violettes here. Peppery fragrance, upright habit.

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