March 07, 2011

A River of Muscari or A Trickle of Blue

I always aspired to a River of Muscari as seen on the site. I managed to plant a trickle. Only droplets bloom in my garden. I wasted money on 'starch hyacinths' or M. neglectum in hopes that the literature was correct in saying these were Muscari for the South. Here are some of the existing  Muscari armeniacum blooming this year: one here, one there, fewer than a dozen total surviving but each one precious to see.

Muscari is the Turkish name for the bulb.
M. botryoides translates as "like a bunch of grapes."
Unlike the Dutch Hyacinths in my garden, Muscari will continue to send up
new blooms and rebloom until hot weather.

Muscari make a good marker for other spring-blooming bulbs.
Muscari puts up leaves in fall, so hidden Daffodils can be located
if they are planted with a handful of Muscari.
That is, IF the Muscari returns.

Muscari is in the Lily Family, as is Hyacinthus (Hyacinth).

2011 is a good year for Hyacinthus.

This is the river of muscari I always wanted to emulate.
Muscari River photo from site.


Anonymous said...

I too have really been wanting a "river" of muscari, but live in the Deep South. Is it not possible for us to do this?

NellJean said...

I was hopeful that muscari would multiply in my garden. They are very slow to do so. A river would be possible by planting several thousand bulbs in a very well-drained location. I'm not sure how many of them would survive for subsequent years. Of dozens that I've planted in past years, perhaps a dozen survive. The literature addresses their seeding about. I've not seen seedlings.

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