March 11, 2011

Waiting for Spring with New Blotanical Members

Heather of Trying to Keep It Alive has interesting seedlings, sprouts and other delights inside awaiting warmer weather. She welcomes your interest in what she's trying to grow.

Holley at Dreaming of Roses is also dreaming of getting all those little seedlings out of the house and into the ground.

Carol Flett at Gardening Tips and Pics is reviewing past successes to keep herself and visitors encouraged until the blousy wonders of Spring open up.

Loretta at Crazy Since Tuesday and Blueberry Pie is already growing veggies with the help of family in her Florida garden.

J Gorran maintains a specialty blog directed to greenhouse growers, Helping Growers Grow which features abstracts of scientific research articles. Much of the information in those articles is invaluable for anyone growing inside or out. Browse this blog.

Mrs Pie has not updated her feed, but you can access her blog on her Plot if you don't find Casa Decrepit on the alphabetical lists. This wonderful account of remodeling an 1876 Victorian house is not to be missed. Last post, they were pouring footings for a wall

I'm trying to get past a predicted freeze tonight. I haven't planted tender plants outside YET but fruit trees are in full bloom.

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