March 13, 2011

What I Saw Over the Fence

Les of A Tidewater Gardener issued a fascinating end-of-winter challenge:
walk about your neighborhood and share what can be seen outside your own yard.

I toured around and took pics over the fences that separate us from various neighbors.

This area was once a pond, long since filled in by washing soil and now a grassy flat.

There are horses in this pasture but they were not
to be seen today, just the barn.

Across the highway, live oak trees putting on new leaves.

Deer stand surrounded by round hay bales.

More round hay bales to feed the cows that will soon be on this grain patch.

Power lines

A field of grain under a circular irrigation system. Two fences form a lane for cows.

Across the fence, across the dirt road,
Bradford pears have almost finished bloom.
The white donkeys were too far from the
road to get pictures today.

Down the dirt road in the other direction.

On the way back, I found this feather on the
field road. Maybe an egret feather.


kenju said...

Lots of wonderful greens down your way!

Hanni @ Sweet Bean Gardening said...

Nice greens! The deer stand and hay bales look a familiar sight...we have some in the field across the way! :)

Andrea said...

I love the bales of hay!

Les said...

I am very glad you have added this post to my Winter Walk Off. The topography and some of the trees remind me of where my parents live on the Eastern Shore, only Live Oaks do not reach their full potential there. Thanks again, and good luck in the prize draw.

Ilene said...

I bunny-tracked over here and I'm glad I did! Great pictures. I keep intending to take my camera with me when we drive into town. I've missed so many good shots -- the hawks have been hunting in the fields and they light on the electric line beside the road. And things are greening up here in Oklahoma. --Ilene

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