April 24, 2011

First Daylily might be Stella

I know better than to buy daylilies in a bag. It's how I met Sammy but it doesn't always turn out so auspiciously. These were supposed to be 'Little Women' -- a pink. Pink daylilies are apt to be somewhat melon colored but this one is definitely not pink. It bloomed for a long time last year so I suspect it is Stella or one of her offspring, maybe an unknown seedling but a prolific bloomer nonetheless. I moved the three clumps to the front bed where yellow fits in well.

We've been in a dry spell and I put off watering as long as possible. So long in fact that I almost lost some of the chartreuse alternanthera. So dry that pink poppy pods are already opening up. I cut some into a pink bowl so I could remember what they were. Now I need a red bowl and an orange bowl for later poppy pods and an orange bag for collecting California poppy pods.

The variegated Hydrangeas I transplanted will appreciate the rain shower (0.1 inch) we got. They were in a dry place under a live oak and never reached the size they should. Two are now beside the ornamental pomegranates. Halcyon hostas that match the gray-green variegation are yet to move. There is leaf mold to scoop up and then the mower can make a curving sweep under the live oak where Virginia creeper threatens to take over as evidenced in the pic below.

Hydrangea Mariesii Variegata pic from a previous year.
I grew these from cuttings, starting with 6 pieces that Miss Billie broke off  saying, "Here, stick these in the ground, they'll root. I killed 3 when I moved them after they rooted. When I moved two this week I took cuttings again.

I looked through Ruggiero's book Annuals with Style last night and Iversen's tropical plants book The Exotic Garden for new plantings with old favorites like alyssum and petunias.

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