April 14, 2011

If Birds Designed Landscapes

 As I looked at this bed under an oak with azaleas and hydrangeas at the perimeter I suddenly looked beyond the bird plantings that I need to remove and saw a bird's landscape. Planted with dropped seeds it insures a future source of food from seeds and drupes.

If birds designed landscapes they would use mostly native plants as excellent food sources.

Strawberry groundcover -- non-native but delicious.

Blackberry shrubs for tasty desserts and a Virginia creeper groundcover.

Bird-planted tree, Vaccinium arboreum in bloom.

The oaks and pecans behind were squirrel-planted more than 30 years ago.

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Elephant's Eye said...

Once in a gardening for wildlife book, they suggested leaving a dead tree, and seeing what the birds planted. Too long term for me. But we do have the 'tickberry' planted by birds in the last garden, and I brought a cutting along here. Then there are the true wild olives, which come up all over our garden, also from the birds?

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