April 07, 2011

An Old Woman and Her Mule

In the light of recent blog posts elsewhere about bloggers who receive compensation, free
 merchandise and even trips I felt compelled to come back here and declare that the equipment shown here was paid for by us. No companies have approached us about endorsements
-- as if you didn't know.

As a child, I used to run out to the edge of the dirt road where we lived and shout to the elderly blind man who came by on a two horse wagon, "You sure do have pretty mules." When I was a teen, Mama used to help me catch the mule that the man on the next farm kept in our pasture. I rode the mule to his house and waited while he plowed his garden. Then I led the sweaty mule back home.

I waited a long time to have a Mule of my own. It fits the wide paths through the garden, hauling pine straw mulch, tools, new plants. It doesn't eat much and it doesn't have to be caught and a bridle put on.
It also doesn't put its head down and try to make me slide off down its neck like that long-ago Mule.

The aftermath of the recent storms has kept us busy. In two severe storms in two weeks, we are blessed to have only damage that can be repaired. Seven people were killed across Georgia in the last storm. 

If it's too big to lift into the cargo box of the Mule, Jaws gets it. If Jaws can't get to a tree we felled, the Mule can pull the trunk out in reach. Jaws' proper name is Root Rake. It was built by a robot that welds at a business in Florida.

While we are picking up and hauling debris, we cut down two Redbuds close to the house that were freeways to the attic for squirrels. I already have small Redbuds growing farther away. They are very fast growing. The ones we cut down grew bigger than I expected.

Dealing with this downed tree will require professionals. Right now they're busy clearing trees that interfere with life -- trees on houses and roads -- all over the southern part of our state. This pecan fortunately fell away from any stucture and may lie there for a while. The biggest part of the trunk it measures 9.5 feet around.

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Pauline said...

So sorry you have had such damage due to the storms, I hope your mule will soon make short work of sorting it all out. Damage in a garden is always sad, but I try to look at it as a new planting opportunity !

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