April 11, 2011

Popular Poppies

California Poppies are blooming in my garden as if they did not know this is a hot and humid climate. So far only one has flopped, a victim of last week's high winds.

Papaver somniferium has commenced bloom. We're waiting for Corn Poppies which show promise. There are no Iceland Poppies this year, an oversight that I will correct this fall by scattering many seeds. If I have Iceland Poppies, I can almost pacify my desire for tulips.

These two pics show the progression of a bed. Daffodil foliage is maturing, lantana foliage is emerging, Purple Heart has sprouted. I set out tiny chartreuse alternanthera cuttings.
Daylilies will bloom next month. Black eyed Susans have planted themselves about.

Farther down the row spiderwort makes a big show as it threatens the entire bed.
Larkspur is ready to bloom. Wind broke the first blossom.
Duranta has resprouted. Crepe myrtle has foliage and will bloom in summer. 

Poppies last for only a couple of days when the weather is warm.
The silk-like petals shed leaving attractive pods.


PlantPostings said...

Ah, so pretty! I can't grow Poppies here -- not enough sun. They are lovely!

Alison said...

So pretty! I love poppies. I sowed seeds in the garden over the winter, and now the seedlings are up. I hope I get flowers as pretty as yours.

Lee May said...

Whoa! Those poppies are amazing. I can only imagine how beautiful the seed pods will be. Makes me want to show your images to my two lonely poppies. For encouragement.

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