April 23, 2011

Purple Easter Eggs Were Always my Favorite

There are no children here to dye eggs and I didn't bother to get out ancient Easter pretties like tin eggs that hold a treasure, paper mache' eggs, the bunny that Grandmama made for Glenn at ceramics class . I did think about the big White Leghorn eggs we used to dye. My favorites were the rich purple eggs.

The front garden is full of purples: Spiderwort, Salvia leucantha and Larkspur.
Notice the Spiderwort clump on the right-of-way that He-who-mows carefully left.
Spiderwort is a thug and will soon be cut to the ground in this bed.
The clumps I leave will regrow and rebloom.

A closer view of Mexican Bush Sage and Larkspur.

Yesterday I moved two Mariesii Variegata Hydrangeas to a better location. I cut and potted up cuttings to root where there were long bare limbs. Left behind are Halcyon hostas to be moved.
In a frenzy of planting, I am planting out purple Datura seedlings. Four tiny Pride of Barbados seedlings have emerged along with new growth on the two existing P of B shrubs. I may pot up the seedlings until they are a little bigger and stronger so the pets don't step on them. He-Who-Mows cut the Fiesta Bed into workable sections where the grass got ahead of me.
There are more Daturas, three I'll plant out late this evening in the front and
several small seedlings that need bumping up into bigger pots.

White roses are blooming. We had New Dawn at home when I was a child. White Dawn has the same sweet fragrance but not the pink blush.

White Dawn. I like roses with that glossy dark green foliage.

One more purple. Several Persian Shield plants have returned.
This one is in the companyh of  Salvia leucantha and a Gerbera.

When I finish planting Datura seedlings that will look like this come July,
I may go find the box of Easter treasures after all.

He-Who-Mows is cutting and moving limbs on the big pecan tree that fell. I keep an ear out so I can go out to watch with phone in hand just in case while he saws. Scary. 

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sweetbay said...

Wow your Salvia leucantha is blooming? Usually it waits until Aug-Oct to bloom in central NC. It's my favorite salvia but only marginally hardy here.

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