April 05, 2011

Ten Things Every Blotanist Needs to Know.

It is all in there. Somewhere. As we hurry to Picks and to our own Picks list , our glazed-over eyes miss all the buttons and helps that Stuart so painstakingly installed.

Here's what we missed by not reading the FAQ, NEWS and Forums.

1. Picks are weighted and follow an algorithm. Yesterday and today's Picks on a new post generally count more toward being on the Popular Picks page than Picks garnered 5 days later. Details of Blotanical algorithms are a mystery best not worried about.

2. On your plot page is a list called NEWS. It has been updated.

3. Your Faved number is different from your Ranked number. Do you really care? It has some bearing for the Most Active Users: like if two people have the same number of Picks, higher rank gets listed first. Otherwise it seems to just be another number to obsess over.

4. Blotanists who were here in 2007 are hard to displace as most Faved. Being #250 of about 2000 members is a feat. Set a more realistic goal like being #75 most Faved or on the 4th page of most Faved once you reach your early goals.

5. Picks are not the only way to garner points. Sign in with each visit for a point if you are inclined. Visit the Forums . They're difficult, but you are clever. You can do it. I hear that Forums are changing. I see signs.

6. New members are coddled until 200 more people sign up. Then we're shunted to the alphabetical lists and hope to attract attention of those who routinely Pick, using clever titles or flashing lights.

7. If you give 3 Picks, 'I'd comment on this' -- you are not committed to comment but it is a polite thing to do.

8. If you bother to read the FAQs found under 'Help' -- you will find the secret to earning a red star by your blog’s name. This blog doesn’t have one. Yet.

9. Change is in the works. Please be patient about out-of-place names and extra titles in your 'My Picks.' Some of us remember when Blotanical suddenly shut down some years back. Things could be worse.

10. Somewhere it is written that Blotanical is supposed to be a fun place. See if you can find Stuart's exact words.

If you look under Popular tab, you'll find a link to Blotanical Awards 2008. On that page, you'll find a tab for 2009 as well. Some of us have discussed whether Awards are Fun or Divisive.

There's a poll on Diana's sidebar if you want to vote whether to have Awards 2011.


Elephant's Eye said...

Where's your Red Star Nell Jean?? You've surely earned it!

Stuart said...

Ha! Great post NellJean. Your wit and sense of humour are always worthy of an enjoyable read. Now it's also worthy of a Red Star. Kudos.

NellJean said...

Thanks, Diana and Stuart. We're in the midst of growing pains again. I look forward to when Blotanical changes are finished.

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