April 20, 2011

Tribute to Cassandra Danz: Magenta Season Kicks off in Spiraea

Mrs. Greenthumbs, the late Cassandra Danz, had much to say about magenta in the garden. I try, but not very hard, to keep magenta out of the front garden's oranges, yellows and purples. The Upper Garden is devoted to it. 

Late spring magentas following the azalea and loropetalum show are kicked off by Spiraea bumalda.  The two dogwood seedlings I planted on each side of the entrance to the Oval Lawn have finally grown up tall enough to be noticed above the spiraea, with contrasting foliage. Learn more about Spiraea bumalda here.

Featured on this side of the Oval Lawn are magenta Pentas, Rose de Rescht and echinacea.

Soon to bloom on the left side are echinacea, purple (magenta) daylilies, rose campion and lilies.

Speaking of lilies, Mrs. Danz had an hilarious essay on growing lilies and the amount of compost she devoted to them. I'm looking forward to seeing whether adding compost and wood ashes encouraged mine.

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