April 19, 2011

Vespertine Flowers: Datura and Nicotiana

If you plant a Moonlight Garden there are likely Vespertine flowers contained in it, flowers that open after dusk to attract insects that pollinate. Later in my garden there will be Purple Datura and Pink Brugmansia; Devil's Trumpets and Angel's Trumpets depending on the direction of the trumpet.

Here we are acknowledging opening of the first flower of white Datura Innoxia, sometimes called by the common name of Jimson weed. When I was looking online at Daturas, it was interesting to read of the various claims of Datura as medicinally helpful. The end of the glowing report ended thus:
"Apart from the medicinal values of Datura plant there are various side effects as well like there always remains a chance of poisoning which can occur." All parts of Datura are poisonous.


Smaller trumpets also opening at night are those of Nicotiana alata. The white are luminous at night. I like the purple, even when the trumpets are closed.

Nicotiana alata

Other vespertines in my garden are Epiphyllum and Brugmansia. Both are a ways from bloom. Night blooming cereus, Epi blossoms usually start in June. Last year the Brug bloomed in the fall. I took cuttings in case the original plant that Janie sent me did not return. It has new growth. All the cuttings took. We should have brugmansia heaven with all those Angel Trumpets.

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Gloria, Dakota Garden said...

I love white flowers for evening gardens. Yours are lovely

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