April 09, 2011

Wildflower Butterfly Garden

This butterfly garden grows at the edge of a small woods with minimal effort on my part except to provide space. Native lantana has grown here for decades. In recent years I noticed that passiflora vines had begun to grow in the same space.

Controlled burns take out weeds in late winter, ready for return of lantana and the host vines for Gulf Fritillaries. I keep hoping to once again see Zebra Longwings. I saw a Zebra Swallowtail along the neighbor's fence off the dirt road when I was coming back from checking the wild garden. He didn't hang around for his photo op.

By June, we'll be seeing this: Passiflora blooms and immature fruit. Small blooms of Lantana.
The butterfly haven is visited by Swallowtails and Gulf Fritiallaries.

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The Sage Butterfly said...

Your butterfly garden is coming along. You will attract lots of butterflies. My butterfly bushes are coming up, but the rest of the perennials are still waiting for warmer weather.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Nell Jean, How very lovely! I can't wait for the butterflies to return to my garden. P x

Pauline said...

Wonderful to think of all the butterflies that will visit later, so important to keep these pieces of land for them. We have had Orange Tip and Holly Blue butterflies visiting, but like yours, they won't sit still to be photographed !

Shannon said...

I'm planning to start a butterfly garden this year, although my plants will be slightly different since I'm in NJ.

I'm from Louisiana originally, I love passion flower vines. I'm going to try to grow them this year, we'll see how it works out!

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