May 04, 2011

FFOs and Daylily Discussion

There have been daylilies here for more than fifty years. This is one of them.

I just call it 'Old Red.' Today was the First Bloom Open this season.

Brocaded Gown. I bought it fifteen years ago from a grower in Blakely, GA.
I like to plant it with daffodils. It starts to bloom just as maturing
daffodil foliage is going away.

Little Grapette. Officially listed as a purple, you can see it has red tones
in sunlight and is never as purple as the Persian Shield beside it.

I bought Little Grapette in 2002 from a different grower in Blakely. I downloaded list after list of daylilies and made notes about the colors, bloom times and the size. Little Grapette's companion was Olive Bailey Langdon, same color, larger flower and plant.
I still have at least a fan of all the daylilies that I bought that year. Some excelled. Some barely hung on.

Since then other daylilies have joined my garden from various sources: gifts from friends, bought at the daylily show and sale, bought in a plastic bag at the big box store.
Every spring I make detailed lists of daylilies I mean to order from a grower from bigger lists where I researched cultivars that meet my criteria: introduced by a southern hybridizer, evergreen, certain sizes, makes a good clump, eyes or not, reblooming and price.  

Daylily Posts from Seedscatterer Blog: previous years' daylily blooms in my garden.

I like hydrangeas and daylilies planted together. Hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom.
This daylily was also a First Flower Open today, in a bed with hydrangeas.

What are your favorite Daylilies? Do you buy by appearance and color, or do you have criteria like favorite hybridizers and certain features? Do you belong to a daylily organization?


Pauline said...

Your daylilies are beautiful, ours won't be flowering for another month at least. My favourite is Canadian Border Patrol, it has a cream background, purple blotch in the centre and a lovely crinkled edge to it with a bit more purple, can't wait for it to flower !

Kimberly said...

Your daylilies are beautiful! I enjoyed them tremendously when living in Illinois, but have had very little success with them since moving to FL. HOWEVER, I too experienced my first bloom of the year this week. It's the same as your "Old Red". However, the bloom stems are very short - stunted - this year. I don't know why. I'm actually just happy to have some blooms!
I like your hydrangea/daylily combo - very pretty!
As for my method of purchasing daylilies, I usually go by color and size. I do not belong to a group or organization, although that might help me become more successful in selecting types that are hardy in my area.

Alison said...

I don't belong to a group now, but many years ago when I first started gardening I joined the American Hemerocallis Society. I didn't really get much out of it.

I love daylilies, they were my first favorite perennial, and I think they still are. I love the pinks and reds best. And the ones with eyes and ruffles.

I'm fascinated that you have them blooming already. Mine have foliage, but no sign of any buds.

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