May 02, 2011

First Blooms: Magnolia, LA Lily, Hydrangea

First blooms are always high out of reach. "Little Gem." 

You can see stamens that shed through the translucent petals.

I don't remember its name. I do remember that it is an LA hybrid.

Maybe it is 'Easter Bonnet.'

This is the first mophead hydrangea to bloom.
It was a cutting that I stuck by the birdbath a few years ago.
The little sign says, "Welcome feathered friends."
The birdbath leans so that it drips into the rock below for
the convenience of little birds and thrashers who like low water.


Stephanie said...

Good job on your magnolia. The flower looks magnificent! Easter Bonnet lily is so pretty! Love the colour. I get to see this type of lilies at the highlands only. Have a great week!

Christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

I love your bird bath grouping with the irises and hydeangea and the way it leans so slightly.

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