May 06, 2011

Hope Grows for a Fruitful Harvest

Figs will be ripe next month.

Peaches will take longer; July.

Pears are usually ready to pick in August.
Corn is knee-high in the background.

Hard Pears for preserves and Pear Sauce.

Blueberries within the month, I hope.

Scuppernong grapes behing the blueberries.

These little grapes have a whole summer to go.

Thanks to Hanni at Sweet Bean Gardening for this delightful meme.


Anonymous said...

Wow...corn knee high already! It's not even been planted in the fields here yet. :) Lots of delicious fruit coming your way soon it sounds like!

Anonymous said...

You have quite a selection of fruit. A great hope for blooming.

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